Education Programs

Education Programs at the museum emphasize student-driven learning and hands-on methods of teaching. Content-rich programs use research and primary materials to teach history to students in grades PK-12. Teacher resource support is available through content materials, custom programs, books, and curriculum support. On site classes take place in the Spear Classroom and the Whitman Tavern Room (both modern), in the Nancy Conklin Exhibit Gallery, and in the 1720 historic house.


We are dedicated to providing positive educational experiences for our many diverse visitors by bringing relevance and contemporary meaning to our community through the interpretation of 17th – early 19th century history.


  • Foster students’ understanding and appreciation of Farmington’s local history and the role Farmington citizens played in the forming of U.S. history.
  • Utilize new learning strategies for using artifacts, primary resources, and first person interpretation to engage students of all ages and developmental levels.
  • Stress the development of skills which students of all ages may transfer to other areas of their educational and personal lives.
  • Encourage the development of positive attitudes toward museums and libraries as places for lifelong learning.
  • Integrate local and state learning standards.

Our current newsletter, that contains all the information about our programs and pricing can be found here.

Photograph by Carol Lowbeer, Caroleena Photography & Visual Arts LLC